Common Misconceptions Associated With The Septic Tank Pumping

If you are a homeowner with a private septic system, there is a high likelihood that you will have to have your septic tank pumped out at least a handful of times.Septic pumping should only be handled by professionals, and most homeowners are grateful that there are pros out there who can handle this task. Take a look at some of the common misconceptions about septic pumping and the professionals who get the job done. 

Misconception: Septic pumping is not something that takes a lot of training to do. 

Believe it or not, even though septic tank pumping and maintenance is a fairly dirty job, it is not one that can be done without knowledge and experience. It is not uncommon for septic professionals to be experts in the industry. Some may have formal technical training as a plumber and some may have been in the business for many generations. During the septic tank pumping process, the professional must: 

  • Know how to watch for signs of problems in the septic system
  • Know how to effectively operate the machinery
  • Know how to avoid contaminating the property with waste 

Misconception: Only a portion of the sludge is removed during septic pumping. 

If you are working with a well-trained septic pumping professional, the majority of the sludge inside your tank will be removed during one clean out. The pro will use tools, such as a seepage spoon and flushing methods to break loose any sludge hanging out in the corners are bottom of the tank so it can be removed. A long time ago, some people in the business thought that it was necessary to leave a little sludge behind to breakdown the new incoming waste. However, that outdated practice has long been proven to be inefficient, and every effort is made to clean the tank as thoroughly as possible. 

Misconception: The tank will have to be dug up so it can be accessed. 

Old tanks were pretty notorious for having to be pumped from an access point that could only be reached by exposing the top part of the septic tank. However, most of those older units have been replaced in modern home settings. Therefore, an access port of baffle is usually available that the septic pumping professional can use to actually do the work. This enables them to pump your tank without having to disrupt a large section of your lawn to do so. 

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