Why You Should Hire A Professional To Remove The Old Oil Tank From Your Property

If you live on a property that used to have an oil furnace, you probably want to get rid of the old oil tank. The tank may be on a stand outdoors, in the basement, or buried underground. Tanks above the ground can be in the way, and underground tanks can pose a danger if they leak, so getting an old tank off your property is a good idea. Here's why you should think about having an old oil tank removed, and why you need a professional to do it:

Old Metal Tanks Can Corrode Underground

The problem with metal tanks buried underground is that they can corrode and leak. Since they're out of sight, you have no idea if a leak occurs. Leaking oil contaminates your property and the groundwater underneath it. When you have a leaky oil tank, remediation has to be done according to local laws and EPA regulations. The cleanup process can be expensive, so getting the tank out of the ground before that happens is the best option.

You May Be Required To Remove The Tank

Some jurisdictions may no longer allow buried oil tanks, and they may require you to remove a buried oil tank before you can sell your house. Check your local laws before putting your home on the market if you have a buried tank; if you are required to remove it, the added expense could be a bad surprise, especially if the tank has leaked and remediation is necessary. If you can't afford to remove the tank and have to sell your house as is, then you may have a hard time selling the house or getting the price you want out of your home.

Old Tanks Must Be Disposed Of Properly

A tank that's stored outdoors above ground, or in your basement, is easier to dispose of because it can be inspected for damage and it doesn't have to be dug up. A horizontal tank may pose a challenge when trying to get it out of your basement, and that's why you need to call an experienced professional. They not only have the skill and experience to remove old oil tanks, they are able to dispose of them according to local laws.

A tank that's underground has to be dug up, so these cost more to remove. The tank is then inspected, and if a leak is found the EPA and local authorities are notified of the situation and remediation is undertaken. If the tank is not leaking, then the tank is pulled up and hauled off after removing and sealing the pipes to your house. Getting rid of an old tank eliminates an eyesore from your property and eliminates the risk of polluting your land with old oil, so it is worth the investment. For more information, you can contact companies like A & A Oil Recovery Co.

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