2 Things That May Lead To More Frequent Cleanings For Your Home's Septic Tank

If you have recently moved into a home with a septic tank or have always lived in houses with this type of system, you know that you need to have a professional service clean it out every few years. While these cleanings are usually done on a set schedule, you may have noticed signs that the system is showing signs of becoming full early, such as hearing gurgling, noticing slower drains, or having sewage back up.

Even if you have the tank pumped out regularly, there are some situations that can make it necessary to do so more often. Below are a couple of things that may lead to more frequent required cleaning for your home's septic tank.

1. You Use Appliances That Produce Large Amounts of Greywater Every Time They Are Used

One thing that may lead to needing more frequent pumpings of your home's septic system is when you use appliances that produce large amounts of greywater. These wastewater-heavy appliances include your washing machine and dishwasher.

If you have needed to use these appliances more frequently or have recently installed a new one, there may be more greywater flooding the septic tank. Since the system cannot handle the increase in wastewater, it will fill up more quickly, making it necessary to have a professional service pump it out more often.

2. You Have One or More Extended-Stay Guests or Are Entertaining in Your Home More Often

Another situation that can increase the frequency when you need to have the septic tank pumped out is when you have one or more extended-stay guests in your home. Or, you may have started entertaining more often, which leads to more usage of your bathrooms.

Because of the increase in greywater and solid waste, the tank will fill up more quickly. Even if you do not notice any signs of overfilling, you should have the tank inspected by a professional after a few months to see if it needs cleaning.

Even if you have had a home with a septic tank in the past or are currently in the same home and are used to a set pumping schedule, such things as using appliances like a washing machine or dishwasher more often can decrease the timing between cleanings. You may also notice an uptick in septic pumping frequency if you have extra long-term guests or are entertaining in your home more often than in the past. If the system is seeing more activity, contact a residential septic tank cleaning service to schedule an inspection to see if you need to have the tank pumped out earlier than usual.

For more info about septic services, contact a local company. 

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