Getting To The Bottom Of Drain Field Problems With Diagnostic Septic Services

Anyone who's ever had an unexpected puddle in the yard or smelly sewage backup knows these are surefire signals that something is not right with the septic system. Usually, it's the drain field crying out for some TLC. As much as everyone loves a mystery, this is one nobody wants, so you might as well outsource diagnostic septic services for the professionals to solve. 

Professional Eyes on the Problem

When things go south with a septic system, the professionals can come take a look. They look for the usual suspects like overly saturated soil, sneaky tree roots elbowing their way into pipes, or the occasional crack or break in a pipe. Once they pinpoint the problem, they can map out the best plan of action to set things right again.

Unfriendly Tree Roots: The Gate-Crashers

Tree roots tend to be attracted to the moisture and nutrients in a septic system. It's like a fancy buffet for the trees, but it's not so good for the drain field. These roots can block the pipes, creating a not-so-nice backup situation. If tree roots are invading the septic system, septic services will use special tools like root saws, augers, and high-pressure jetters to give those roots the boot. 

Cracked Pipes: The Hide-and-Seek Champions

Pipes, especially old ones, can crack or break due to shifting soil or other underground activities. This leads to wastewater leaking out, and it's a definite no-no. But spotting this issue can be like a game of hide-and-seek. Experienced septic services use camera inspections to find these secret leaks and then repair or replace the problematic pipes. 

Saturated Soil: The Wet Blanket

In a perfectly functioning septic system, the soil around the drain field absorbs the wastewater. But sometimes, the soil can become overly saturated and just can't take any more. This leads to a soggy yard and a sad drain field. Professionals will check the soil's absorption rate and might use a process called soil fracturing. This process uses pressurized air to create new paths for the wastewater. It's like giving the soil a breath of fresh air. 

In Conclusion

Wrestling with a problematic drain field can seem like a daunting task. But remember, it's not a battle to fight alone. Trust in diagnostic septic services to identify and tackle the problem head-on. It's all about catching the issue early, planning the right strategy, and leaving the dirty work to the professionals. 

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