Understanding What Warrants Emergency Septic Services

One of the biggest challenges for many homeowners is facing complications with the septic system. When your septic system starts to give you trouble, you should call a local contractor right away. However, some situations call for emergency septic services instead of just scheduling the next available service appointment. Here are some of the things that every homeowner should understand about emergency septic services.

Is Your Tank Alarm Going Off?

Most septic tanks are equipped with an effluent alarm that sounds when the tank reaches a certain fill point. That alarm indicates that your tank is approaching the full point. You'll need pumping services as soon as possible. It's important to understand where your alarm is placed so that you have some idea of how long you have to pump the tank. If this is the first time that your tank alarm has gone off, you should call for emergency plumbing services to protect your tank from overflow.

Are Your Drains Backing Up?

When your drains are gurgling or flowing slowly, you can usually wait and make a routine appointment with your septic system contractor, but if your drains are backing up, that's an indication that the system isn't functioning properly. It may be due to disruption in the drain field or potentially because the tank is full. When your drains start backing up, call your local septic tank contractor for an emergency appointment.

Is Your Tank Overflowing?

Flooding in your yard over your septic tank or on the boundaries of your drain field should be cause for concern. The excess water is an indication that your septic tank is overfull, your drain field isn't filtering the way that it should. Call your local septic tank contractor for an emergency appointment in this case.

Have You Had Recent Storms or Flooding?

After severe storms, especially with heavy rains or flooding, you need to be mindful of your septic tank. The days following this type of weather lead to increased emergency calls for septic system failure because the runoff from the storms threatens the integrity of the septic system. Be attentive to your tank and call for an emergency appointment if your septic tank malfunctions after severe weather.

These are a few of the most common reasons for emergency services with a septic system. If you're not sure whether the problem you have warrants an emergency visit, call your local contractor and ask about your concerns. 

For more info about emergency septic services, contact a local company. 

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