5 Reasons Not To Underestimated The Need For Regular Drain Cleaning In Your Restaurant

The restaurant industry is all about presenting delicious food in a neat and clean environment. But what most restaurant owners don't realize is that the pipes, drains and other plumbing components of their establishment are just as important. Without proper drain cleaning, restaurants can quickly be contaminated with dirt, bacteria, and even vermin. Fortunately, regular drain cleaning can help to prevent these problems from occurring in your restaurant, protecting you from costly health code violations — or worse! Here are five reasons why it's important not to underestimate the need for regular drain cleaning in your restaurant.

1. Avoid Clogged Drains

At some point or another most restaurants will experience clogged drains due to grease buildup in the pipes or foreign objects like vegetable peels, or rice getting caught in the trap. Without regular drain cleaning, these clogs can become bigger and harder to remove. Regular maintenance by a professional plumber will help to prevent potential blockages making your drains flow smoothly and efficiently.

2. Remove Harmful Bacteria

As food particles accumulate in a restaurant's drainage system, they can create an environment favorable for bacteria growth. These bacteria may then make their way into the kitchen and dining area of your establishment increasing the risk of food contamination and related health issues such as salmonella poisoning or E-coli infections. Professional drain cleaning services use high pressure water jets to flush out any built up residue eliminating harmful microorganisms from the premises.

3. Keep Pests Away

Dirty drains are an ideal breeding ground for various types of pests such as cockroaches and flies. Because these insects feed on the build up in the pipes and thrive in warm moist environments, they can easily enter your restaurant if not kept at bay with regular drain cleaning. Regular maintenance will help to keep these creatures from infiltrating your premises and potentially contaminating food or intimidating customers.

4. Reduce Bad Odors

If a plumbing system isn't maintained properly, it may begin to give off unpleasant odors that could taint both the food and atmosphere of your restaurant. High powered water jets are used by professional plumbers during drain cleaning services to remove any built up residue in the pipes and prevent these odors from occurring.

5. Save Money

In the long run, regular maintenance can even save money on repairs and replacements. Without proper cleaning, drains may become corroded, leading to costly pipe and sewer line replacements. By investing in a professional drain cleaning service, you could end up saving yourself a lot of time and expense down the road.

The main takeaway is that regular maintenance via restaurant drain cleaning services is essential for keeping your establishment safe, sanitary, and free of pests. Professional plumbers use high-powered water jets to clean out grease accumulations, remove bacteria build up, and keep any potential problems from getting worse. Although it may seem like an unnecessary expense at first, regular drain cleaning is a small price to pay for the safety of your customers and staff.

For more information on drain cleaning, contact a plumber.

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