Signs That You May Have A Problem With Your Sewer Line

The sewer line running from your home to the city sewer system may need some service over time. Many things can affect the flow of waste material through the line, and working with a sewer repair contractor is often the best way to resolve the problem.

Slow Drains

One of the most common complaints when experiencing sewer issues is slow drains in your home. If the water in the drain is going down but moves very slowly or takes a lot of time, the sewer line may have a partial blockage. 

The sewer line in the house can also have some restrictions that cause the same issue, so a sewer repair contractor may need to run a sewer camera down the line. The camera can help identify if the restriction is in the mainline inside the home or outside in the sewer line running to the city system. 

All of the drains in the home being affected may indicate a more significant problem than if just one drain is running slow, so talk with the sewer repair contractor about where you see the issues so they can start with those drains first. 

Wet Spots In The Yard

If the sewer line running from your home to the main city line is leaking, you find a spot in the yard that is soggy or wet even when it has not been raining. A crack in the line can allow wastewater to leach into the ground, and the water may not be able to run off fast enough.

Because this is wastewater, it can act like fertilizer, and that area may also be greener and the grass thicker in the area where the line is. Your sewer repair contractor will need to inspect the line for damage and may need to excavate the line to repair it properly.

The line may have a break in it that requires the contractor to remove a section of the line and replace it, and if the damage is severe enough, they may need to replace the entire line from the house to the street. 

Sewage Odors

Another indication of a leaking sewer line is an odor of sewage in the area where the line runs under the yard. If you can smell sewage in that area, the ground is over-saturated with water from the line, and the gases are coming up through the soil. 

The odor is another indication that the line needs to be excavated by a sewer repair contractor and replaced. The smell is one of the last things you will notice when the line starts leaking because it takes a lot of water in the ground to allow the escape of gases to the surface. 

To learn more, contact a local sewer repair service.

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