3 Indicators Your Blocked Drain Needs Emergency Cleaning

One of the worst things that can happen to you is dealing with plumbing emergencies. Most of the emergencies happen when you least expect them, and they can lead to massive water damage in the home. Issues with drains can compromise your entire home's hygiene and even become a health concern. However, one of the best ways to minimize damage to drains and to prevent blockage is effective cleaning. 

The important thing is to watch for signs that your drains have a problem and need cleaning and restoration. Here are three ways to tell that your drains need immediate cleaning. 

When Water Starts Backing Up Into the House

One way to tell that a drain needs cleaning is the presence of gray water in the sink or the toilet after you flush. Water backups are an indication that you have a developing blockage in the drainage system. The best way to handle the developing problem is by cleaning the affected drain. Failure to clean a problematic drain often leads to the clog blocking the entire pipe, which ultimately stops the water flow. 

When you call a professional to handle the cleaning, they will find and remove the clog in time and also eliminate the health hazard created by the backed-up water.

When the House Stinks

Another way to tell your drainage needs cleaning is through smell. A smelly drain is an indication that food and other organic particles are stuck in the pipes and that the rotting smell is backing up into the house. Cleaning involves using bleach and other cleaning agents that dislodge the clog and other stuck particles on the plumbing pipes' sides.

Also, the smell could be coming straight from the sewer. A plumbing expert will know how to clean the pipes to prevent any bad smells from entering your home.

When the Pipes Freeze

The other indicator that you might have drain issues is when the pipes freeze. Frozen pipes are a problem because they indicate potential leaks. The leaks can lead to serious water damage. A plumber will assess the entire plumbing to see which parts have damage. 

After assessing the damage, they will find the best restoration techniques to restore your plumbing.

The crucial thing is to call drain experts when you see signs of problems with your drains. The experts will help you clean, troubleshoot, and manage all types of drain issues in your home. Contact a company that offers emergency drain cleaning services to learn more.

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