Acquire Modern Plumbing And Septic Services For Your Cabin

A "dry" cabin is one that lacks running water and flushing capabilities and this type of retreat may lack the comforts that you are accustomed to. If your recently-purchased cabin is going to be transformed into a winter residence, seek water access and have a septic tank installed.

The Water Supply And The Drainage Process

The installation of plumbing and an underground well are two steps that should be performed before having a septic system installed. The pipe layout and the location of an underground well will have a bearing on where an underground septic line and tank are placed.

All running water that goes down each drain in the cabin and the liquid and solid waste that is flushed down the commode will be transported through the underground septic system. Liquid and solid waste will be stored in the tank and will separate into three layers. Sludge will settle on the bottom of the tank and a clear zone will separate the sludge from the scum that is located at the top of the tank.

The Septic System Installation

A septic system needs to be professionally installed. This will ensure that the system meets code guidelines. Before the tank is installed, your property will be assessed. This may include an overview of the residence's plumbing. Excavation of the land will be conducted prior to placing the septic tank and septic line underground.

An excavator will remove the turf and dirt that covers the area where the tank and piping will be located. This type of disruption will result in a large hole being on your property. After the tank and the line have been laid, dirt will be used to cover the system. The top of the property may be slightly uneven. You can use a tamping tool to aid with leveling the property.

Grass seed can be planted across the ground, but you should avoid planting items that contain deep root systems. Some trees and bushes are noted for their deep root systems and although young saplings or bushes won't pose a threat to the septic system, the root systems of mature trees and plants could cause a blockage in the septic line.

Excessive weight should also not be placed on top of the area where the septic system was installed since heavy items could damage the materials that are underground. Keep track of where the system was laid out to ensure that your vehicle and machinery are never stored on top of it.

For more information, contact a septic tank installation service.

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