Why You Shouldn't Take The Day Off When Your Septic Tank Is Being Pumped Out

Some people take a day off for the cable installation technician. Others take a day off for the HVAC technician to deal with either the furnace or the air conditioning. If you are tempted to take a day or even a half day off for the septic pump-out of your tank, you probably should not. It does not take much for your boss to check your story in regards to how long it takes to pump out a tank. Here are reasons why you should not take the day off and use your septic tank pump-out as the reason for taking the day off.

The Tank Pumping Will Not Take More Than an Hour

Barring any complications, a pump-out rarely takes more than an hour. Most of the time, the tank is pumped out in about thirty to forty-five minutes, depending on the size of your tank. Ergo, taking even a half of a day off is more than you really need for this particular task. Furthermore, since you are not the one doing the pumping, you do not even need to be present.

You Do Not Need to Be Present for the Pumping

Unlike other situations where technicians need access to your house and different areas of the house inside, your septic tank company only needs access to the septic tank port. As long as the driver and technician can get the pump truck close to the septic port, and are able to perform the pump-out, they do not need anything else from you. They do not even need a signature when the work is finished. They clear out the tank after you have made the appointment to do so, and then they either send you the bill, or they can put your bill in the closed storm door of your house.

The Driver and Technician Will Be Very Careful 

If you are concerned about your landscaping, that is understandable. However, these folks are professionals. They are extremely careful when it comes to driving the truck onto the yard to get close to the tank's portal. If you are especially concerned about soft mud and tire tracks, attempt to schedule the pump-out for a day where there is no rain predicted, and there has not been or will not be any rain a few days before that. If you have any special instructions you want to leave the driver and technician, feel free to do so if it helps alleviate some anxiety for you.

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