Not Going To Be Home When Your Septic Tank Is Pumped? No Problem!

Understandably, a lot of people would prefer to not be at home when their septic tanks are being pumped. It is better if you are home because if there is a problem during pumping, then the septic pumping service can alert you to that fact. However, if you absolutely cannot be at home, here is what you can do to ensure that your tank is emptied and everything goes off without a hiccup.

Pay for Your Service in Advance

Some septic pumping companies allow you to pay for your service in advance. You can keep a credit or debit card number on file with a septic pumping company such as River City Septic & Excavating. When your service is complete, they charge your card. If something out of the ordinary happens, the service company will call you to ask if they can bill certain extra charges to your card, but they will never just complete extra services and bill you. By paying in advance, you do not have to be present to pay the bill when the service is complete.

Mark or Section off the Tank Access Area

If your septic tank is not above ground (and very few are), take the time to mark or rope off the area where your tank access port is. That way, when the septic technicians arrive, they can find your tank access area quickly and easily without you being present. Be sure to give them permission to drive the truck up as close to the access port as needed so that you are not surprised by the flattened grass from the truck.

Clear Everything out of the Way

View the tank pumping as one that involves getting the pump truck onto the property and close to the tank access area. This will allow and encourage you to remove anything that might be in the way or possibly get in the way of the truck entering your property. It also prevents accidental breakage of anything on your property. Septic tank pumping technicians do their utmost to protect your property and objects on your property, but accidents do happen. Clearing a path for the truck just ensures that nothing can happen.

Leave Any Special Instructions with the Service Prior to the Scheduled Service Date

If there are any special instructions that you want communicated to the tank pumping technicians, leave them with the person in the office. They will write down or include these instructions with your work order sheet. Then the special instructions are easily passed to the technicians without you having to be home to communicate those instructions to them.

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