Common Problems Your Septic Tank Will Encounter

For the most part, a modern septic tank system is an extremely durable and dependable device. However, there are some problems that these systems may experience. When your septic system starts to malfunction, you will quickly find that it can have dire consequences for the quality of life of those living in the house. Yet, if you have only recently purchased a home with one of these systems or if you have never encountered problems with your unit before, you may be unaware of the types of issues that your septic system might encounter.


A septic system will have to manage large amounts of solid waste. The system is designed to gradually break down most of these substances. Yet, it will still slowly fill with solid debris over the course of time. Removing these materials is essential for limiting the ability of the system to develop clogs. When a clog forms, the septic tank or the drain field may not be able to effectively let water pass through; this can lead to the home's plumbing getting backed up, and the only option for repairing this damage is to thoroughly pump the tank and remove the clog that has formed.

Root Intrusions

The septic system will allow large amounts of water to enter the soil over the course of a day. Not surprisingly, this will make the system a prime target for the roots of large plants. In some instances, the roots will be able to physically pry apart sections of the pipe to enter the system; this can lead to major leaks and blockages forming. Once this issue has developed, a contractor will need to excavate the system so that the root can be trimmed away. The installation of a root guard system can help to prevent these roots from being able to reach the septic system, which will lower the risk of this problem arising.


Leaks are a serious problem for a septic system to experience. The water that comes from the leak can cause the soil to erode away from key components, and it can also contribute to portions of your yard flooding. In addition to these issues, the water leaking from the system may be extremely unsanitary; this can lead to widespread contamination of your property, which may be particularly worrisome for those with small children or pets. Identifying the location of the leak can be somewhat difficult as the water may flow away from the source of the leak, which can cause ponding to occur away from the source of the actual problem. An experienced septic professional like American Septic Service will need to be hired to identify the location of the leak as well as the most efficient and effective repair options.

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