Septic System Killers ~ 5 Things That Can Impact The Life Of Your System

If you have a septic system on your property, you may be under the impression that it is designed to last indefinitely. Unfortunately, many property owners make this assumption and it can result in their septic systems failing due to improper care. The following are a few things that can negatively impact your septic system's performance.


The placement or installation of heavy objects such as paving or buildings can cause damage to septic systems. One particular area to be mindful of is your septic system's drain field. Never allow any vehicles to drive or park on the drain field.

Improper Maintenance

Some people make the assumption that they do not need to get their septic systems maintained until something goes awry. Routine maintenance should be performed even if the system appears to be functioning fine. Maintenance aids in preventing issues, which means you can likely extend the life of your septic tank and system. Once systems malfunction, they require repairs and sometimes components such as the septic tank have to be replaced.

Toilet Issues

Leaks are a common issue that can cause overload issues with septic systems. As a property owner, you should be mindful of obvious leaks and get them repaired as soon as possible. Toilets that run continuously are a common cause of overload, and they should be fixed as soon as possible. The causes behind this phenomenon are usually simple fixes such as replacing the flapper in the toilet. However, ignoring the issue could cause a more significant septic system repair.  

Pipe Issues

Clogs in pipes can wreak havoc on septic systems because the water flow is impacted. In some cases, the clogs can cause contaminated water to backflow into homes, which can cause water damage. If you have pipes that are prone to cracking or rusting, they may also cause future clogging problems too. This is because plants, dirt, rocks, insects or animals can infiltrate through the exposed areas and cause clogs.  


Sludge will form in septic systems over time. At some point, the sludge is expected to cause clogs. The sludge that affects septic systems has a unique black color, and it is indicative that a new septic system may be needed. When sludge build-up starts approaching its worst state, you can expect to smell an offensive odor.

A septic services company is a good resource to use for more tips on protecting your septic system. They can also perform septic tank installations and septic tank pumping. Contact a company like AMERICAN SEPTIC SERVICES LLC to learn more.

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