Septic Maintenance That Is Necessary Beyond Tank Pumping

A common misconception with septic tanks is that the only maintenance you need to do is pump the tank. While a septic tank does need to be emptied when it is starting to reach maximum capacity, the maintenance that you need to do goes beyond just pumping. You will need to also look at these other components to make sure everything is in great condition.

Inspect Outlet and Inlet Lines

There are several lines that go to a septic tank that could cause issues. When the pipe going from your house to the septic tank stops flowing, it can cause problem with sewage backing up into your house. When the pipe going to the septic tank's drain field becomes blocked, it can cause problems with the tank filling up with solid waste too fast. That's why you need to have outlet and inlet lines inspected at the same time that the tanks is pumped.

Inspect The Tank Itself

In addition to outlet and inlet lines, you should inspect the septic tank itself for potential problems that will cause it to fail. If the tank is older and made with concrete, it has the potential for a crack to form in the concrete and cause a leak. There are also dividers in the tank designed for separating liquids and solids, and they could potentially deteriorate as well. More modern systems have alarms and sensors that may stop working, and you won't know if they work unless you have them tested. All of these things are other aspects that should be inspected to make sure they're working to the best of their abilities. Catching failing parts early could prevent an expensive repair later when damage has been caused.

Inspect Drain-Field Components and Distribution Boxes

Another aspect that will need inspection are the components related to the drain-field and distribution boxes. For instance, the tank's distribution box could easily become clogged with dirt and debris, which will lead to a blockage. The drain field also needs inspection to ensure that affluent that has not been properly treated is getting into the drain field.

These are just a few components that need inspection beyond the regularly required pumping. For more tips on what to look for, check with a septic tank service company in your area. With their expertise in septic tank systems, they'll know exactly what to look for based on previous experiences.

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