Portable Toilet Rentals: Answering Two Common Questions You May Be Wondering

Whether you are managing a construction site or arranging for a large outdoor gathering, you will need to ensure that there are portable toilets available for these people to use. However, it is common for people to have little experience ordering rental portable toilets, which can lead to needing a variety of questions answered. After learning the following two answers to common portable toilet rental questions, you will have more of the information you need when using these services. 

What If The Portable Toilet Will Be In Extremely Cold Temperatures?

For those needing these outdoor toilets during extremely cold times of the year, there are several problems that can arise. These freezing temperatures can cause the water in the toilet to freeze, which can allow extremely foul odors to develop, and it can create major problems when trying to empty the toilet's storage tank. To minimize these problems, portable toilet providers will mix antifreeze into both the water reservoir and the storage tank to prevent these temperatures from causing these problems. 

In addition to keeping the water from freezing, you may need to ensure that it is warm enough in the toilet. There are many communities that set the minimum temperature that the inside of a portable toilet can be. Usually, these are communities in areas that experience dangerously low temperatures throughout much of the winter. In these instances, it may be necessary to install a heater in the toilet to ensure that your workers' skin is not exposed to hazardous temperatures while they are relieving themselves. 

How Is The Servicing Of Long-Term Rentals Handled?

If you will need the portable toilet for an extended period of time, it will be necessary to have it routinely serviced. During a service visit, the storage tank is emptied, the interior cleaned and more toilet paper is added to it. 

Fortunately, these providers make servicing these units extremely simple. Most standard rental plans include a service visit every few days or once a week, and you will only need to schedule the time of day for these visits to occur. If over the course of your project you realize you need more frequent service visits, these providers will be able to accommodate to you, but there will likely be additional fees. 

Renting a portable toilet (from companies like Onsite Portable Toilets & Septic) can be a necessity for a variety of outdoor events and projects. By understanding how these toilets are made to operate in extremely cold temperatures and what to expect from your service schedule, you will be better informed throughout the process of using these services. 

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