3 Steps To Ensuring Your Septic System Stays In Good Shape This Summer

The kids are out of school and adults are taking vacations. It's summertime. It's the time of year for backyard barbeques, sunbathing and swimming. It is not the time for you to have to worry about your septic system. If you plan on having more people than usual over this summer, your septic system could become strained. This is due to the extra use of washing machines, dishwashers and toilets. This additional strain could lead to unpleasant odors, overflow and even water pollution. In order to have a safe and healthy summer, here are three septic-related tips:

1. Don't Flush Anything You Wouldn't Put in Your Mouth

Aside from toilet paper, you shouldn't flush anything down the toilet that you wouldn't otherwise put in your mouth. A septic system only needs to be given easily decomposed items. Otherwise, these items will build up and cause damage.  You should compile a list of things to go over with your family and guests. Some things to avoid flushing down the toilet including grease, oil, paper towels, condoms, coffee grounds and cigarette butts. By failing to abide by this rule, your septic tank will fill with solids that will decrease the system's efficiency. This will then require more frequent pumping and increase the potential for system failure.

2. Make Sure No Vehicles Are Parked Near the Septic System

If you don't know exactly where your septic system is located, it's time to hire a professional to come out and find it. This is because you need to keep all vehicles off of the system, which includes everything from the tank and drainfield to the pipes. Heavy equipment, such as vehicles, can put too much pressure on the ground and cause the soil to compact. The pressure could also cause damage to the pipes, which could result in costly repairs.

3. Have Your Septic Tank Inspected and Pumped at the Beginning of Summer

If your tank hasn't been pumped recently and you can't remember when your last septic pumping was, then it is definitely time to schedule an inspection and a pumping as soon as summer begins. You want to make sure that the system is working properly. You also want to ensure there is less risk for a smelly mess leaking into your yard where all of your guests are going to be and having your tank pumped can prevent that from occurring.

Summer needs to be full of fun, but in order for this to happen, your septic system needs to be happy and healthy. Otherwise, you may find that a septic mess will ruin your summer fun, barbeques and other gatherings. Contact a professional (such as A-1 Advanced Pumping Service Inc) for more advice or to schedule an inspection or pumping. 

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